Mack says goodbye in Sunday press conference

Posted December 15th, 2013


Mack Brown has officially said goodbye.

He has just finished his resignation press conference in front of assembled media, administration, former coaches and friends.

The highlights:


Mack thanked all those around him, and wanted his former players who have reached out to him over the last 24 hours that he just hasn’t had the time to respond. But he’s heard them.

Mack thanked the media. And he encouraged those in the media “who are doing it right” to keep doing their jobs. He called out (though not by name) those who “deal with rumors.”

“We need you to tell the story,” Brown said. “We need you to tell the truth.”

Mack said that someday, he may write a book about his time as Texas’ coach.

He thanked DeLoss Dodds, Bill Powers and Steve Patterson, and former UT president Larry Faulkner as well. Powers and Patterson spoke as well.

Mack thanked all the high school coaches in the state. And all of the parents (of his players).

Mack said he’ll work as a special assistant to the president.

Mack said he talked to his attorney, Joe Jamail, this morning and found out that there have been a couple of calls inquiring about whether he’d coach somewhere else.

“Bad timing,” Brown said. “I need to back off for a day or two.”

Mack reached out to his recruits, and said he wants them to hang in there, and that UT will hire a tremendous coach, and that it’s a fresh, new start.

Mack said he’d make sure Texas would prepare for Oregon.

Mack said he made his decision around 3 or 4 p.m. Saturday.

Mack said he’ll have a team meeting with players on Monday.

He then took questions from reporters.

Is coaching out of his system?

“All I know for sure is I’m going to spend two weeks trying to beat Oregon, and I’ll be working for President Powers.”

How would you like to be remembered?
“I’d like to be remembered for three things. One, for bringing some joy to Texas, for getting us back on track.

“And that I did it with integrity and class.

“And for all the wonderful young people that have gone through this university during our time.”

What about all the events of last week?

“I really was back and forth all week, because I want sincerely what’s best for Texas. The players and coaches shouldn’t have to be dealing with negatives about me. This university is so much bigger than one person.”

What role will you have in the selection of the next coach?

We will do anything that Bill and Steve ask us to do. I have no interest in being involved in the coaching search, because that’s their choice. Hiring the new coach is a lot more important than what happens to us. Obviously if he wants to ask me questions, I will be there as well.”

How did his team react?

“They all came up and hugged me. … I told them yesterday (that) they should not be mad at this university. I made the choice. Let’s move forward.”

Thoughts on the sour ending?

“The reason we’re out there is we used to win 12 or 13 games, and we won 8. We set a standard at this place: You’d better win all of ’em. I understand that. I’m a big boy. Other places love 8 wins. We have not lived up to the standards that we have set, since 2010.”

Is there one thing he’d want us all to know?

“I want to make sure everybody knows that I’ve been treated fairly, and it’s been a wonderful run here, and I have no regrets at all. And that stepping away from here will add 10 years to my life.”

Any advice for the next coach?

“Whoever takes this job is going to have a wonderful experience. Darrell Royal told me when I started: Reach out to your lettermen; you need to reach out to the faculty; he said you’ve gotta handle the wonderful media that surrounds you at the University of Texas; and he said, oh yeah, you’ve gotta win all your games.

“The standard’s been set really high here, and I’m darn proud we were part of that standard.”

“When you play for a national championship and lose, that’s not good. You need to win. And it’s a real negative thing when you don’t do that. We didn’t win 12, we lost 1. Since then, it’s been an absolute fight. And we’ve got to the point now where we’ve got depth, we’ve got players. I think it’s better now. They just need new energy. There’s a lot of negative energy around, and you know, life’s too short.”

Thoughts on recruits?

“I met with the recruits’ families Saturday morning. And I’m sitting there talking to families about coaching their children for the next four years, and not being able in my mind to say that, for the next three or four years. These people need a commitment for four years, and I can’t do that. That really bothered me. I can’t promise you four years. I can’t.”

Is there anything you wish would’ve been different during your time here?

“I would want Cole Pittman back, and I would not want the bonfire (tragedy) to happen at A&M.

“I think about that every Thanksgiving. There are 12 familiies who don’t have their children. I talked to Mark and Judy Pittman today, and I look at the program from the funeral in my office every day.”

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