Ken Herman

Herman: Does a Texas football player belong in the Texas State Cemetery?

How you feel about Cedric Benson being buried at the Texas State Cemetery with Stephen F. Austin, 14 Texas governors and four Medal of Honor recipients probably is directly related to how you feel about sports. I’m going to shirk my constitutional duty as a columnist to tell you what to … Read More

Ken Herman

How a Texas football rivalry helped inspire landing on the moon

For my money, July 24 is a more important day to celebrate than July 20. July 20, 1969, of course, was when our nation was excited as two men walked on the moon. July 24, 1969, was when our nation was exhaling when three men splashed down in the Pacific … Read More

Bevo Beat

Herman: Uga picked a fight with Bevo — talk of a reboot of UT-A&M rivalry must now come to a halt

Hey, I have some questions about a local steer. But first, please allow me to tell you, I told you so. One of my predictions for this new year already has come true. You’re welcome. In my recent checklist of things that will happen in 2019 I said the Texas … Read More

Ken Herman

Herman on Tom Herman: Maybe this new guy will have a sense of humor when faced with adversity?

Our new local football coach seems to be a persistent fellow when he has his eyes on a star recruit. And Tom Herman also seems to have a sense of humor in the face of adversity. That first trait should help him succeed in Longhornville. That second trait could serve … Read More

Ken Herman

Herman: Why can Charlie Strong ban guns, but UT teachers can’t?

The University of Texas has made it clear. And, in a preliminary ruling in a pending lawsuit, a federal judge has made it clear. Under the new campus carry law, UT personnel cannot ban students with handgun licenses from bringing those guns, concealed, to class. So we are left to … Read More