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Solid All-America list omits logical choices

Earl Campbell deserves spot in backfield; Roger Staubach is overrated.

Posted August 21st, 2015


It was anything but an easy job for my man Kirk Bohls and nine other well-respected scribes to come up with a 75th anniversary All-America college football team that would please everyone.

I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, but I was one of about 400 members of the Football Writers Association of America whose votes they used as the basis to select the team, and there were some glaring omissions.

Where in the name of all East Texas rose fields is Earl Campbell? Six running back spots available, and no Tyler Rose? That hurt my heart. Two-time Heisman winner Archie Griffin and Herschel Walker were deserving, as was Bo Jackson, but I’d take Earl all day long over Barry Sanders and Doak Walker, who obviously was placed on the team to get some vintage players a mention.


Earl was a transcendent presence in the college game, a big man who ran with power and speed.

And Dallas Cowboys fans, don’t get mad at me, but Roger Staubach is not the greatest quarterback in college football history. He’s not even the second-greatest. Nor the third. The 1963 Heisman winner was 17-13-1 as a starter and averaged 1.8 yards per carry. I have to chalk up his inclusion because he’s perhaps the best role model the game has produced, and he played his entire career with America’s Team.

With all due respect to Mr. Staubach, I’ll take Nebraska’s Tommie Frazier for my first team. The real greatest quarterback in college football history went 33-3 and won back-to-back national titles. Those dudes from Florida are still wondering how he ran through them in the Fiesta Bowl.

The second-teamer has to be Vince Young, but he was nowhere to be found. Shoot, even Kirk voted for him this time and he still didn’t make it. How does a guy who went 30-2 as a starter and made the Rose Bowl his own personal property get excluded? Was it his star-crossed NFL career that turned off voters? Or the fact that his star is not as bright as Staubach, the Hall of Famer, or the more lik able choirboy Tim Tebow?

No real problem with the defense, but here’s one more nit: I would have included head coaches. I would have gone with Bear Bryant on the first team, followed by Nick Saban and Bobby Bowden.

That’s the beauty of these lists. They allow you to have great debates at the water cooler or on Twitter, where everyone seems to have the perfect team.

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