Prominent Houston attorney and University of Texas philanthropist Joe Jamail, seen here in 2008, passed away in December 2015 at the age of 90. (Ralph Barrera/American-Statesman)

Kirk Bohls

American-Statesman Staff


Did Joe Jamail really give up his suite at DKR? ‘That’s BS’

Interim AD Mike Perrin could lose the 'interim' tag next spring

Posted September 23rd, 2015


Kirk Bohls released this week’s nine things and one crazy prediction last night. A few were dedicated to the Longhorns. Here’s a sampling:

Debunking the report that longtime supporter Joe Jamail gave up his football suite this year:

“Joe Jamail said he was totally uninvolved with the removal of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson in any way and remains adamant that he didn’t cancel his luxury box at Royal-Memorial Stadium, just merely donated it to be used by visiting teams’ presidents and athletic directors. The Texas benefactor said he paid in advance to lease the box for two years but told the school he wouldn’t have time to see games because he’s involved in a huge lawsuit. “I know everybody says I gave up my box, but that’s BS,” Jamail said. ”


On the search for a permanent athletics director:

“One high-level source said any search for a new athletic director might not come until next spring, if at all. Jamail bragged on interim athletic director Mike Perrin, whom Jamail knew during Perrin’s playing days at Texas. “If you’re looking for somebody who’s smooth and can keep things calm, Mike’s a good guy for that. I trust (UT President Gregory L.) Fenves. He’s not a guy who will back up. But he’s not an aggressive guy who will cause friction. Bill (Powers, former president) was juggling dynamite every day.”

Further details on Steve Patterson’s near $3 million buyout first reported by the Statesman last week:

“Patterson will receive less than $3 million as part of his settlement that the UT System regents are expected to approve Thursday. One source familiar with the negotiations said Patterson will be paid one year’s salary of $1.4 million and either a full salary for a second year or an amount that deducts any income if he lands a new job.”


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