NCAA academic requirements changing

Higher minimum GPA expected of 2016 recruits.

Posted August 1st, 2015


Current college student-athletes will benefit from the new full cost of tuition stipend. But every high school recruit, no matter the sport, should be aware of another new rule that goes into effect Saturday.

College-bound freshmen enrolling in August 2016 must adhere to the higher high school minimum grade-point average requirements put in place by the NCAA.

Recruits must earn a minimum 2.3 GPA in 16 core courses to be eligible as a college freshman. The previous minimum was 2.0. Athletes also must have a qualifying SAT or ACT score that corresponds with their GPA on a sliding scale.


“You bet we’re talking about this” with recruits, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. “You have to. This is where you’re recruiting.”

Stoops said OU’s athletic department sent out a form letter to high school coaches making them aware of the NCAA rule change. Kansas State coach Bill Snyder, who’s made a living off transfers, said his staff is talking about this issue with recruits of all ages.

“Anyone who has an impact with those young people needs to have an immense understanding of what all that means, so they can put programs in place to try to help those young guys get where they need to be,” Snyder said.

The NCAA has taken a proactive PR approach. TV ads featuring a park bench encourage a high school athlete to study, or he can “come have a seat on ol’ Mr. Bench.” The NCAA has also created a website ( for more information.

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