Charlie Strong, the University of Texas Head Football Coach, speaks at a press conference earlier this season.


Highlights from Charlie Strong’s Monday press conference

Posted September 28th, 2015


Charlie Strong’s weekly press conference has come and gone. Here are the highlights:

On the fans, who are looking at a possible 1-5 start and gloom and doom: “This is the University of Texas. Our fans are unbelievable. We have the best fans in the country. Their job is just come out and support our team. I don’t ever want to make an excuse. We have to give them something exciting to watch. It’s a cycle we’re going through right now, but it’s a cycle that can turn quickly. But we need their support. There’s not a better feeling for a player to know he’s got all the support around him. … Coaches need to do a better job of coaching, players need to do a better job of playing, but we need (fans’) support. We need everyone behind us. Because you know what? When it flips — and it’s gonna flip — everyone’s going to want to jump on board. So you might as well jump on board right now.”

On right tackle Kent Perkins’ health; he’s day to day with a knee injury: “We can shuffle those guys around, getting the right guys in place. That was a really good defensive line they played against, and that’s what I told Jerrod. We’re able to move guys around and hopefully protect the quarterback.”


On whether he just feels unlucky, with the endings of the Cal and Oklahoma State games: “I don’t know. A lot of times, we’ve got to create our own. Look at Saturday. We had our chances.”

On Jerrod Heard’s status (he missed the post-game interviews reportedly because he wasn’t feeling good): “On Thursday, he had a little temperature. Friday, we filled him with fluids. I wasn’t that concerned because we knew he had enough rest, and we had Tyrone in short-yardage situations. I think he’ll bounce back and he’ll play.”

On Heard’s game: “More than anything, he held the ball too long. Just release the football. The guy’s not going to be wide open, but we have guys who can go run clean. Oklahoma State did a really good job of containing the ball and forcing him in one direction. I told him they’re not going to let you just run down the field like they did last week.”

On TCU, which is missing six defensive starters: “The key is (Trevone) Boykin. The thing he does is he can break you down. He’s got the legs to run and he also can make the throws. We know the ball’s going to (Josh) Doctson. Their offensive line is very solid and do an unbelievable job of protecting the quarterback. We’re going to have to corral the ball, but also we’re going to have to cover because he can find the receiver.”

On whether Texas has an identity yet: “On the defensive side, they understand who they are. It’s just more on defense, where you’re hurting right now, is why I said earlier that Steve Edmond and (Jordan) Hicks are two guys you’re really going to miss, two four-year starters. Now you’re going with Malik and you’re playing Wheeler some. So the ‘backers have to be mobile and have to communicate. Up front, Ridgeway and Tank and those guys are waiting for a call. And you’re so young at the corner position. Offensively, with Heard back there, you have an identity what you want to try to do. You want to be up-pace, move the ball, get the ball into playmakers’ hands.”

There were a few funny moments from Strong:

When Brian Davis asked if, despite the 1-3 record, there are any positive things under the hood, Strong answered: “I just gotta lift that hood.”

When he was asked whether Michael Dickson is the latest Longhorn in therapy, Strong responded: “We gotta get him out of therapy.”

When Kirk Bohls asked about being an 18 1/2-point underdog, and whether that showed a lack of respect, Strong responded: “I didn’t know it was that bad. Wow. We just gotta go out this week and go to work. I … wow.”

That was the final question of the presser. But as he walked off, Strong continued: “They gave me a good downer there, huh? That’s those gamblers …”

Quick note: Next week’s Texas-Oklahoma game will kick off at 11 a.m.