Tom Herman’s annotated, transcribed press conference: His words, our words on USC, Angry Birds and bubble gum

Posted September 19th, 2017


Tom Herman held his regular Texas game-week press conference on Monday despite the fact that the Longhorns are off this week. It lasted about five minutes shorter than a normal game-week presser would go — and it also became fairly contentious at times, with back-and-forths with reporters who asked critical questions on play-calling and game-planning in the USC loss. Oh, and we also found out that Herman plays Angry Birds, didn’t cry after the loss to USC (but did scream — twice) and is so meticulous on the planning side, he stuffs seven individually-wrapped pieces of sugar-free Double Bubble in his pocket before the start of each half.

This is an annotated transcript of Herman’s press conference — every question, every full answer — along with some of our own staff thoughts on what he said, coming from Kirk Bohls, Cedric Golden, Brian Davis and others.

As you scroll through the document, you’ll come upon highlighted sections of text. Click on the shaded yellow box and you’ll see our staff comment.