Texas receiver Bru McCoy runs a route at the Frank Denius practice fields in Austin on March 11, 2019. [RICARDO B. BRAZZIELL/AMERICAN-STATESMAN]


Former Texas WR Bru McCoy unable to practice due to seven weeks of fever

Posted August 16th, 2019


Two weeks into USC’s fall camp and two weeks out from its regular season debut, Bru McCoy, the dynamic five-star prospect at the center of an unprecedented transfer saga this summer, has yet to join the Trojans on the practice field.

But that extended absence has nothing to do with his unsettled waiver status with the NCAA, and everything to do with his own health, which remains frustratingly uncertain to everyone — most of all McCoy and his own family.

Every day, for the last seven weeks, McCoy has been stricken with a fever doctors cannot explain. His parents have taken him to specialist after specialist in search of a diagnosis. Doctors have treated him for a variety of possible illnesses and bacteria — flu, strep throat, legionella — but as USC’s season approaches, the only answer his family has received is that he has a “fever of unknown origin.”


“They cannot figure it out,” his father, Horace McCoy, told The Times on Thursday. “I cannot tell you how many specialists we’ve got him in front of, just to try to figure this damn thing out.”

When the illness initially came on this summer, McCoy tried to fight through it himself.

“But it was really tough for him,” Horace said, “and workouts have never been an issue.”

Ever since, McCoy has been poked, prodded, and tested constantly, all the while waiting on his football future to be cleared up by the NCAA.

McCoy originally signed with USC in December and enrolled in classes in January. He transferred to Texas soon after, participating in spring practice. In May, he departed Texas and re-enrolled with USC.

“All this kid wants to do is play football,” Horace said. “He wants to work out with his buddies and get on the field and do what he does best. You get tried in times like this. He ‘s as positive as he can, but he ‘s frustrated.

On Thursday, Clay Helton noted that McCoy has attended team meetings and is “actually getting a little better, which is great to see.” His fevers have begun to subside in the later afternoon, his father said. But USC will not allow McCoy to return to the field until his fevers are completely gone.

“He’s not all the way there yet,” Helton said. “But we’re glad to have him around us. It’s good to see a smile on his face.”

When his health finally rounds into form, regardless of the NCAA’s decision, his ascent to stardom may not be as instantaneous as his pedigree would suggest.

“He’s not going to just come right back out here and go,” Helton said. “There’s going to have to be strength and conditioning. There’s going to have to be some change-of-direction movement. It’s going to take time to build that up. He’s gone through a process that I don’t wish on anybody, as far as getting healthy and getting better. We hope to get him out here soon. But it’ll be at a slow pace, at his pace, where he feels comfortable.”

McCoy’s integration into the team is already underway. On Thursday, he stood up and recited USC football’s “constitution” in front of the entire team.

The team gave him a standing ovation, Helton said. How long he’ll have to wait for another remains to be seen.