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Roger Clemens' son Kacy, friend awarded over $3 million in lawsuit against a Houston bar

Scott Boeck

Roger Clemens' son, Kacy, and his friend Conner Capel were awarded $3.24 million in their lawsuit against a bar in Houston.

The two minor leaguers sued Concrete Cowboy in 2019 claiming they were assaulted by bouncers at the bar after complying with their request to move away from a waitress station on New Year's Eve in 2018.

According to Houston Chronicle, Clemens “had injuries to his neck and a swollen elbow on his throwing arm, according to evidence at trial. Capel sustained a skull fracture above his eye after he was struck in the forehead with a flashlight and also needed stitches, the Chronicle reported. 

Kacy Clemens, seen here at the Under Armour All-American Baseball Game, held at Wrigley Field.

“Both young men feel both exonerated and appreciative of the jury’s verdict,” Clemens and Capel's attorney Randy Sorrels said. “These last two years of exposing the bar’s cover-up of these attacks have been challenging – and now rewarding.

"Kacy and Conner never did anything to prompt or start any problems or violence, and the jury correctly held the bar and bar owner 100 percent responsible.”

Both Clemens, 26, and Capel, 23, played in an Independent League in 2020 since there was no minor league season. Clemens was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2017 and Capel was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 2016 and later traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Capel's father Mike was also a former MLB pitcher.