Jordan Spieth, a former Longhorn, celebrates with caddie Michael Greller after chipping in for birdie from a bunker on the 18th green to win the Travelers Championship in a playoff against Daniel Berger of the United States (not pictured) at TPC River Highlands on June 25 in Cromwell, Conn. CREDIT: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)


24 ways to celebrate Jordan Spieth’s birthday like a pro

Posted July 27th, 2017


Jordan Spieth turned 24 years old on Thursday, which just seems totally unfair. Not only has he won more majors by that age than Tiger Woods, but he gets to celebrate his birthday less than a week after winning his first Claret Jug.

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This brilliant Game of Thrones-themed tweet by Longhorn Network suggests a couple ways to celebrate alongside Spieth, but we decided to take things a step further. In honor of every Longhorn’s favorite golfer, here are 24 ways to celebrate the champ turning 24.

1. Eat your Wheaties

If you’re going to do this day right, you’re going to need fuel.

2. Boss around a friend

Any good friendship includes some give and take. Let this be the day you ask for a favor, because gosh darn it you deserve one.

3. Customize your golf shoes

It may seem hokey, but if they’re already decorated you’re less likely to become a victim of your child’s Bedazzler. Thinking ahead: it’s what Spieth would do.

4. Watch a Bill Murray film

The past two years, Spieth has competed in the pro-am at his hometown Dean & DeLuca Invitational alongside the quirky actor. The obvious choice here is Caddyshack, but everyone has their favorite Bill Murray character. Follow your heart.

5. Drink out of a trophy

So you don’t have a Claret Jug laying around, but everyone has a Little League prize or two around the house, right? Assuming you’re 21, see if you can find a way to fill that thing with your favorite alcoholic beverage. And if you’re not 21, lemonade works too.

6. The marshmallow shot

Anyone can hit a flop shot. Not everyone can hit a marshmallow into their own mouth. Watch and learn, then impress your friends.

7. Face your fears

Let’s face it, we all have a Rae’s Creek. If Spieth can stare down the 12th hole at Augusta National in front of thousands of fans — and millions at home — then what’s stopping us?

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8. Surprise a co-worker with a chest bump

Looking for a way to get the office fired up? Celebrate an accomplishment Spieth-style with a low-to-ground chest bump. Just don’t get too carried away. We don’t need any injuries.

9. If at first you don’t succeed, take after Spieth

If a chest bump is out of the question, motivate your co-workers by inspiring them. Life, like golf, is all about recovery.

10. Sleep with your putter

Sure, it’s a love-hate relationship, but you only get back what you put in.

11. Dust off your old clubs

They don’t have to be made of hickory, but if they are it might be fun to try to find the proper garb to go with them.

12. Golf shirtless

Sure, you might get kicked off the course, but it’s too hot for shirts this time of year. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

13. Respect your elders

Yes, we’re still celebrating Spieth here, but he always takes time to recognize those who came before him. As should we all.

14. Give back

Not only does Spieth pay homage to those who inspired him, he also takes time to pass what he’s learned on to the next generation. At 24, he’s proof that it’s never too early to make the transition from student to teacher.

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15. Practice makes perfect

It’s not enough to just sleep with your putter. If you want to start draining long-range efforts like Spieth, you’re going to need to spend some good, quality time on it. Start today, and maybe eventually putts like this 34-footer will seem routine.

16. Share your culture

Each April, the winner of the previous year’s Masters tournament gets to pick the meal at the Masters Champions Dinner. For Spieth in 2016, the choice was obvious: Texas barbecue. No matter where you’re from, share something from your upbringing with your friends.

17. Sweat the small stuff

You don’t win three majors by the time you’re 24 without attention to detail.

18. Drink a refreshing Coke

It’ll make Jordan’s sponsor happy.

19. Embrace going bald

It happens. If anyone tries to make fun of you, remind them that some of the world’s best athletes have receding hairlines, and Spieth is soon to join that list.

20. Voice your opinions

Make your voice heard. You might just get what you want.

21. Be a supportive sibling

Days before heading over the England to win his third major, Spieth was in Las Vegas to cheer on his younger brother Steven Spieth, who is playing in the NBA Summer League with the Dallas Mavericks.

22. Talk to yourself

We’ve all got that little voice in our heads, and it’s bound to come out sometimes. Let it happen.

23. Rep your country

At the Ryder Cup in 2016, Spieth and Patrick Reed formed a formidable pair. They helped the U.S. team break an eight-year drought in the competition. Maybe in 2020 we’ll see Spieth don the red, white and blue for the Olympic Games.

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24: Hook ’em

No matter where Spieth goes, he’ll always be linked with the University of Texas. We can relate.

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