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Texas 34, Texas Tech 13: Longhorns control Raiders throughout, earn fourth win

Posted November 1st, 2014



Texas has beaten Texas Tech, 34-13.

Malcolm Brown rushed for 116 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries, becoming the Longhorns’ first 100-yard rusher of the season.


Tyrone Swoopes passed for 228 yards and a touchdown.

John Harris had 165 receiving yards.

Those were the offensive standouts. Quandre Diggs, who knocked out Tech’s starting quarterback, and Duke Thomas, who had a pick, and Steve Edmond, who had 13 tackles and a sack, led the way on defense.

The Longhorns outgained the Red Raiders, 469 yards to 381, and had a season-best 228 rushing yards.

Texas improves to 4-5 overall, and evens its Big 12 mark to 3-3.

Tech falls to 3-6, 1-5.

Up next for the Longhorns is West Virginia, next Saturday, at DKR. It’s a 2:30 p.m. kickoffs. The Mountaineers lost a tough one today at home to TCU.

Some final stats:

Total yards: Texas 469, Tech 381

Rush yards: Texas 241, Tech 156

Pass yards: Texas 228, Tech 225

First downs: Texas 21, Tech 18

Third-down conversions: Texas 5-16, Tech 8-20

Red zone chances: Texas 4-5, Tech 1-4

Sacks: Tech 3, Texas 1

Turnovers: Tech 2, Texas 2

Passing: Texas — Tyrone Swoopes 13-25-228, 1/0; Tech — Patrick Mahomes 13-21-109, 0/0; Vincent Testaverde 15-26-116, 0/1

Rushing: Texas — Malcolm Brown 22-116-2, Johnathan Gray 16-76-1, Daje Johnson 2-43, D’Onta Foreman 4-10, Swoopes 7-(-4); Tech — DeAndre Washington 16-97, Kenny Williams 2-5-1, Quinton White 4-9, Justin Stockton 1-1, Mahomes 2-(-2)

Receiving: Texas — John Harris 5-165, Jaxon Shipley 3-23-1, Gray 2-11, M.J. McFarland 1-13, Lorenzo Joe 1-11, Marcus Johnson 1-5; Tech — Bradley Marquez 6-55, Devin Lauderdale 6-33, Washington 3-45, Ian Sadler 3-30, Brad Pearson 3-10, White 2-28, Reginald Davis 2-6, Jakeem Grant 1-10, Williams 1-4, D.J. Polite-Bray 1-4

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There’s 11:47 left.

It’s Texas 34, Texas Tech 13.

Malcolm Brown‘s 10-yard touchdown run was taken away by instant replay, but his 1-yard touchdown run on the very next play was good enough to to secure what is now a three-touchdown lead.

Brown appeared to have scored on the play before, but replays showed his knee was down just short of the end zone.

Daje Johnson got things started with his second touch of the game, a 30-yard jet sweep helped by a nice lead block from freshman Andrew Beck. That moved it down to Tech’s 31.

From there, Brown took over — a 10-yard run, followed by an 11-yard pass from Tyrone Swoopes to freshman Lorenzo Joe, and then capped with Brown’s touchdown.

Brown has 22 carries for 116 yards and two touchdowns. It’s the first 100-yard rushing game for any Longhorn this season.

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There’s 14:16 left.

It’s Texas 27, Texas Tech 13.

The Longhorns, with their running game going, their quarterback connecting and the defense having gotten past its tackling issues of the second quarter, appear to have taken control of this game.

On third-and-goal from the 4, Tyrone Swoopes found Jaxon Shipley in the back of the end zone on a play-action pass.

Texas, starting at its own 11, went for the long ball on first down. It was a repeat of the first-half 68-yard bomb from Swoopes to John Harris. This one, to Marcus Johnson, was incomplete, but Tech was called for pass interference.

That moved Texas to the 26. On first down, Swoopes found Harris on the left sideline for a 35-yard gain. Harris out-jumped the defender for the jump ball.

Johnathan Gray rambled up the middle for 16 yards, and then again for 8.

Tech, its defense looking fatigued, called time out with 2:06 left.

On second-and-2 from Tech’s 15, Gray was stopped one yard short. And he was stopped short again on third.

That made it fourth-and-inches, at the 13. Gray tumbled over the right side for the first down.

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There’s 12:02 left.

It’s Texas 20, Texas Tech 13.

Nick Rose has kicked his second field goal of the night, from 42 yards out, to make this a touchdown lead for the Longhorns.

Rose has made kicks from 46 and 42, and missed from 37.

It was an efficient drive. And while it wasn’t a huge play in terms of yardage, Swoopes’ 7-yard slant pass to John Harris was a well-placed ball, a good catch and a third-down conversion near midfield. Two plays later, on a second-and-6 from Tech’s 48, Swoopes faked a handoff to Malcolm Brown, rolled to his right and then kept it.

He worked an angle on a Red Raiders defender, then cut back up field and lumbered 23 yards down to Tech’s 25.

Swoopes nearly connected with Harris for a touchdown on the very next play, but Swoopes’ soft pass off play-action didn’t find Harris down the left sideline, heading toward the end zone.

It might’ve been an errant throw, or perhaps Harris didn’t pick it up in mid-flight quick enough, but the end result was as incompletion.

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Texas leads Texas Tech, 17-13.

How did Texas’ defense respond after its previous drive’s effort?

With a three-and-out, the third-and-3 pass broken up by Quandre Diggs, who continues to impact this game.

Oh, and there’s been a Daje Johnson sighting. He gained 15 yards on a jet sweep. It was only his second touch of the season; he had gained 5 yards on a jet sweep against Baylor, then went down with a hamstring injury and hadn’t played until tonight.

The Longhorns’ drive fizzled, though.

It’s been a back-and-forth game, and a strange one. It’s been a busy night for punters — eight combined punts — and a frustrating one for kickers, as both sides have missed easy field goals. Texas’ offense is having some success running the ball, Tyrone Swoopes and John Harris connected for one big play, and the defense is running hot and cold.

Texas Tech is down to its third-string quarterback, the walk-on son of former Heisman Trophy winner Vinny Testaverde. Running backs DeAndre Washington and Kenny Williams are running well. The defense has given up one big play but also produced one big play, a defensive touchdown off a Swoopes fumble.

The Longhorns will get the ball to start the second half.

Some first-half stats:

Total yards: Tech 232, Texas 231

Rush yards: Texas 87, Tech 70

Pass yards: Tech 162, Texas 144

First downs: Tech 11, Texas 9

Third-down conversions: Tech 5-11, Texas 2-8

Red zone chances: Texas 2-3, Tech 1-2

Sacks: Tech 3, Texas 1

Turnovers: Tech 1, Texas 1

Passing: Texas — Tyrone Swoopes 7-13-144, 0/0; Tech — Patrick Mahomes 13-21-109, 0/0; Vincent Testaverde 4-6-53, 0/0

Rushing: Texas — Malcolm Brown 13-73-1, Johnathan Gray 5-24-1, Daje Johnson 1-13, D’Onta Foreman 1-1, Swoopes 4-(-24); Tech — DeAndre Washington 9-63, Kenny Williams 2-5-1, Quinton White 2-3, Justin Stockton 1-1, Mahomes 2-(-2)

Receiving: Texas — John Harris 3-123, Gray 2-11, Marcus Johnson 1-5, Jaxon Shipley 1-5; Tech — Bradley Marquez 5-51, Washington 3-45, Ian Sadler 2-25, Devin Lauderdale 214, Jakeem Grant 1-10, Reginald Davis 1-6, Brad Pearson 1-5, Williams 1-4, White 1-2

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There’s 2:59 left.

It’s Texas 17, Texas Tech 13.

The Longhorns’ first big play on offense of the game — in a couple of games, actually — has shifted this game’s momentum back over to Texas.

On first-and-10 from the 15, Tyrone Swoopes pump-faked to the left, making it look like a bubble screen, and then launched a 50-yard pass downfield to John Harris, who had one step on three Tech defenders down the middle.

The 68-yard play — Harris caught it in stride and ran down to the 15 — set Texas up beautifully at Tech’s 17. Johnathan Gray, on the very next play, got enough of a hole up front for a nifty 17-yard touchdown run.

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There’s 3:34 left.

It’s Texas Tech 13, Texas 10.

Texas Tech, its starting quarterback on crutches, its backup quarterback possibly out with a concussion, and down to the third-string guy, has taken the lead thanks to the play of that third-stringer and a determined running game.

More alarming for Texas? Its defense, at least on this drive, looked more like the defenses of 2012 and 2013, the units that missed tackles and looked lethargic.

DeAndre Washington, the Big 12’s third-leading rusher, rattled off a couple of big gains. Vincent Testaverde — that third-string quarterback — completed a couple of short passes and the Red Raiders moved it to the Texas 21, but faced a third-and-13.

Testaverde handed it off to Washington on a draw. Hassan Ridgeway nearly tackled him immediately, in the backfield, but Washington got away. Then Steve Edmond missed. And then Mykkele Thompson missed, and then Washington carried two, perhaps three, Longhorns another five yards, down to the 5.

Score that a 16-yard run on a third-and-13 draw play.

On the very next play, Kenny Williams burst up the middle for the touchdown.

We’ll have to monitor to see how Texas’ defense responds on the next drive.

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There’s 7:21 left.

It’s Texas 10, Texas Tech 6.

Working a short field thanks to a big defensive play, the Longhorns xxx.

Malcolm Brown‘s 3-yard touchdown run — his fifth of the season — capped a 25-yard drive that was started by a turnover.

Things went from bad to worse on one play for the Red Raiders on Tech’s previous drive. On a first-and-10 from the 25, quarterback Patrick Mahomes — starting because the injured Davis Webb couldn’t — got popped by Quandre Diggs after a short run on a zone read keeper.

The hit jarred the football loose, and Shiro Davis recovered at the 25. Worse, though, the hit jarred Mahomes as well; the quarterback looked dazed as he remained on the turf and wobbled off the field with assistance.

The third-string quarterback? Vincent Testaverde — yes, Vinny‘s son — who’s a true freshman. Webb is in street clothes on the sideline, on crutches.

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There’s 10:22 left.

It’s still Texas Tech 6, Texas 3.

But both Texas and Texas Tech have seen excellent scoring opportunities — of the chip-shot field goal variety — come and go without any points.

For the Longhorns, a 28-yard run by Malcolm Brown — thanks, in large part, to a gaping hole provided by Kent Perkins and Taylor Doyle — helped move Texas into scoring territory.

On third-and-3 from the Tech 20, Tyrone Swoopes‘ floater over the middle to John Harris was incomplete — the pass was slilghtly behind Harris.

That set up a 37-yard field goal attempt from Nick Rose, who earlier had kicked one from a career-best 46.

Rose’s kick missed.

That was bad. But so was Tech’s effort on the previous drive that closed the first quarter.

Texas’ defense bent, but did not break.

A key play was a third-and-2 pass to Ian Sadler, for 12 yards. That got Tech to midfield. Bradley Marquez gained 14 yards off the right side, and freshman safety Jason Hall was flagged another 15 yards on top of that for a late hit on the sideline.

That got Tech to the 19. The Longhorns blitzed on first down, and Tech was flagged for holding. A first-and-25 pass from Texas’ 34 was incomplete, and Marquez caught a slant for 12 yards — and, just like his previous completion, Steve Edmond was flagged for a facemask on the tackle.

That moved Texas Tech to a first-and-goal from just inside the 10. Kenny Williams was stopped for no gain, and Hall — perhaps making up for that earlier late hit — broke up a nice pass into the end zone on a fade route on second down. And then Edmond, perhaps making up for that previous facemask, sacked Patrick Mahomes on third down.

But a 29-yard field goal attempt by Ryan Bustin was no good. Bustin, remember, also missed the earlier extra point.

The Longhorns went three-and-out on their series immediately following the defensive touchdown.

The Red Raiders will take over, at their own 11-yard line.

Earlier updates …


There’s 4:09 left.

It’s Texas Tech 6, Texas 3.

And we’ve got our first big — huge, actually — play of the game. And it went way bad for Texas.

On first down, at Texas’ 15, Tyrone Swoopes faked a handoff to Malcolm Brown for an apparent play-action pass. But with no one open downfield, Swoopes appeared to panic. As three Red Raiders closed in, Swoopes tried to avoid one lineman at the 7, even as a second rusher stumbled to the ground.

That left only defensive end Branden Jackson, who was three or four yards away. Swoopes, his legs still wrapped around by the initial rusher at the 5-yard line, tried to launch a pass to avoid the sack. But instead, the ball slipped loose and on the ground at the 2.

Jackson scooped up the ball in the end zone, for the defensive touchdown.

Texas coach Charlie Strong was seen on the sideline, showing Swoopes some encouragement.

Texas Tech missed the extra point.

Earlier updates …


There’s 11:31 left.

It’s Texas 3, Texas Tech 0.

The Longhorns have struck first in Lubbock, forcing a three-and-out punt on Tech’s first series, then converting a big third down to keep their own drive alive. That drive ended with a 46-yard field goal by Nick Rose.

It was Rose’s season (and, thus, career) long. Previous one was 45.

He’s now 8 of 12 on field goals on the season.

The drive was saved thanks to a successful third-and-13 conversion on a nice 36-yard completion from Tyrone Swoopes to John Harris. Swoopes missed Marcus Johnson on the very next play, though. Malcolm Brown had a short run, and Swoopes’ third-and-7 pass zipped to Johnson was incomplete. The pass was catchable.

Red Raiders quarterback Davis Webb was a game-time scratch.

Backup Patrick Mahomes, in his first drive, hit a couple of quick completions — a short one to the right, a bubble screen to the left — followed by a dropped pass on third down. It was a three-and-out, and Tech punted.

Texas right guard Kent Perkins, who was a game-time decision with a knee injury, is playing.

Texas won the coin toss, and deferred to the second half. So the Longhorns will get the ball to start the third quarter.

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